Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tendril - "Smear" [Tension 007] Available Now

It's been a while since I've posted an update, but now I have a lot to update about.

Tendril - "Smear" [Tension 007] is finally available!  There were quite a few delays but this project is now complete and ready for purchase Smear is the second release by the Virginia Beach/ Norfolk, Virginia based Tendril. This tape picks up where Planet left off, and presents a more fully realized Tendril. Five Tracks of Noise Rock ranging from the Primative to the Dynamic, sure to please fans of the Genre. Early reviews are in and Smear has been described as "knuckle dragging noise-rock", and "rough sounding throwback AmRep styled noise with some minor hardcore influence".

Every tape comes with a sticker and can be purchased at;

Test Presses for the Valkyrie//Earthling Split 7" [Tension 008] have been approved, and I'm hoping to have this out by Mid to Late December, Just in time for the Valkyrie 10 year anniversary.  I will post up more details on this as they unfold.

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